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 Topic: SERVER UPDATES (Wipes and other info)

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PostForum: ARK: Survival Evolved Server Info Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:54 pm Subject: SERVER UPDATES (Wipes and other info)
New Patch 246 has caused issues with server crashing. I am trying to resolve either by removing mod or mods causing issue or may have to wipe server. More info to come

The Center Map  10 x XP  10x Taming 8x Harvest

Mods On Server

1) Seven's Forge Kit        640022028             53.964 MB    

2) DPS Tranq                   587288100             88.586 MB    

3) Jurassic Ark                 564895376             93.827 MB  

4) Kibble Vend                  592595740             74.918 MB    

5) Meat dehydrator           555252292              1.043 MB    

6) Mini Gen                       603233238              0.353 MB    

7) Reusable Plus               693416678              0.561 MB    

8) Solar Madness               610753407              0.353 MB    

9) Structure Plus                731604991             89.521 MB      

10) Egg and Poop              554678442             24.550 MB    

11) Stack me more             680481868              0.337 MB    

12) Oz Mini Vault                705677093                 1.132 MB    

13) Rawr Beacons              557147187              1.497 MB  

14) Elite Dragons+ Mod      695998908             38.713 MB  

15) Oz Mini Wall Fridge       713823311              1.515 MB    

 Topic: 7/28/16 or 29th dependant on Patch Server Wipe

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PostForum: ARK: Survival Evolved Server Info Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 4:04 pm Subject: 7/28/16 or 29th dependant on Patch Server Wipe
Depends on date of Patch I will be doing a server wipe

We will try Valhalla map depends if performance issues have been resolved
Most of the mods will be removed to help server run Smooth
Will try to put most of the mods back in Except Genesis Mods due to the of amount of download both map and genesis take up ( Again trying to keep server running as smooth as possible) .

As far as taming, harvesting, and XP  = TBA    Due to the fact current is too easy to get up and running and not much to do after

Mods  =  
1) DPS Sniper rifle
2) Jurassic Ark
3) Mini Gen
4) Stack Me More
5) Meat Dehydrator
6) Mini Fridge
7) Reusable grappling hook
Cool Egg & poop coll
9) Sevens forge kit
10) sevens spoiler/grinder
11) Mini wall Vault
12) Structures Plus

PVP = Floating Island is NOT to be built on May use Cave for For PVP Events Island will be a neutral Zone for harvesting as well


Seems as Valhalla still has abit of a performance hit on memory of server will try to run but if if gets bad will remove map


 Topic: Server Rules

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PostForum: ARK: Survival Evolved Server Info Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 1:08 pm Subject: Server Rules
Welcome these are the basic rules of server But more to come as I have time to setup

The rules for the Server

Yes the server is open World PVP

Where not to build :

1) No building Bases on or around Volcano in The Island

2) No building on spawn rich areas to allow for everyone to get resources

3) No building on Islands in snow Biome due to oil spawns

The Volcano Crafting Room

This building is for use by all There is no PVP in Volcano �this a neutral area

no animals on attack or neutral ONLY in passive mode



No Building on Island It will be used for PVP Events

More to come
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