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HTML Newsletter module for PHP-Nuke


Copyright Information

 Module Name:  HTML Newsletter
 Module Version:  1.3.0
 Module Description:  Allows a Nuke site admin to send out HTML formatted newsletters plus an extensive archiving system. Visit Montego Scripts for a full list of features.
 License:  GNU/GPL - Provided with Download
 Author Name:  Rob Herder (aka: montego)
 Author Email:  montego _(at)_ montegoscripts {DOT} com

[ Author Home Page | Module Download | Support/Help Documentation ]


Credit Information

 Original Author(s):  The original 1.0 version was written by mangaman from NukeWorks. It looks as though it was based on the original PHP-Nuke Newsletter module as well as had some concepts from Fancy Newsletter, but not 100% sure on that.
 Current Author(s):  montego from Montego Scripts is the current author.
 Translation Author(s):  The following translations were done for version 1.3:

German: Marco Wiesler from http://www.warp-speed.de.

Persian: Izone from http://www.iranyad.com.

Spanish: (in progress) kenspa from http://www.amercham.com/kenspa/.

As new translations come available, this text will be updated with the appropriate credits and released as a separate update and download as well as included in the main download pack.
 Additional Thanks:  Additional thanks go to the following people for their help along the way:

Raven from http://ravenphpscripts.com for his excellent support site, excellent web hosting and encouragement along the way.

Guardian from http://www.code-authors.com for his constant nagging ( LOL ) for new releases, a few bug fixes, for his help in testing, helping to keep an eye on the support forums, and as a contributing editor to the on-line documentation!

Kguske from http://nukeSEO.com for his excellent integration of the FCKEditor into PHP-Nuke by way of his tool nukeWYSIWYG!

Izone from http://www.iranyad.com for his modifications to the base distribution to make the module pages and templates display properly in the Persian language.

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